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Guanyun at 29.05.2021 at 10:03
euhh her ... eyes ..... shes a demon!!
Dijian at 29.05.2021 at 23:55
"Is HP gonna change anytime soon?" - damnright, while this girl's (first) HP was up. 5
Knish at 30.05.2021 at 22:50
For me, it allows me to take back some power and feel like I've kept my dignity intact. That's just me though. Then I'll go silent. The last guy that did this to me broke up with me over text after a few dates- and I did like him... But when I used the reverse psychology move on him, he wanted answers as to why, and to this day still reaches out to me years later (I never answer).
Rikshaw at 31.05.2021 at 03:28
NC mate, total bitch you can do much better.
Abshere at 31.05.2021 at 04:10
If he did in fact "ghost," best to just move on.
Fallway at 31.05.2021 at 09:25
Hardworking straight up guy. Likes to have fun and joke around. Outdoor activities are fishing, walking, camping, or just to be out in the sunshine. I like traveling and seeing different places and.
Smoogen at 31.05.2021 at 20:51
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Irate at 01.06.2021 at 11:21
Well, I am exceedingly lucky to have met this gem, Ema, I cannot resist her charms, we get on so well and the fun we have together is alive, electric and very sensuous, 'full on', I would describe it, ecstasy from beginning to end, this girl has a great sense of humour, this makes our time together so memorable, this is why I keep coming back to the wonderful Ema and I will keep coming back, again and again to share our deep feelings for one another. Thank you darling for sharing your time with me, I feel so fulfilled. Soixanteneuf.
Apathy at 02.06.2021 at 09:12
Yay, more of these girl. I don't remember where all the others are (someday).
Viction at 02.06.2021 at 14:59
Oh come on. A guy is a guy. Guys want to f*ck. If there is no f*cking going on, there are BIG problems.
Deliriant at 03.06.2021 at 07:06
Well,it all went downhill from there. He did muster a pathetic but insincere apology, but shortly after that was when the 'shoe dropped' and he told me that everything between us was just pointless and that since our 'discussion' on the weekend, nothing was changing. Well, I was becoming livid at this point. Of course nothing has changed you assh*le, you've done nothing to change haven't even been able to make 5 minutes to see me (though you had time to piss it up at a bar). Then came the song and dance about how he feels like he has to explain and apologize for everything. Poor guy. How if he ever has a week long business trip somewhere, I'm not going to trust him (note: he used Las Vegas as an example....coincidence that slutty secretary had given him travel vouchers for a trip for 2 to Las Vegas? hmmm). I gave him ##### for him not having the balls to just spit it out and say he didn't want to see me anymore..and that he left me in limbo for these past few days.......that it was rude and thoughtless and the epitome of selfish. I told him that he made no effort whatsoever in our relationship......and that these past few days were the height of that....and that his priorities in life and mine are diametrically opposed. I told him that I wouldn't treat a dog the way he's treated me. He then tried to "make things better" by telling me, "Lisa, I do like you, you're a good person"...I stopped him right there in his tracks. I told him not to fekkin patronize me...that I didn't give a rat's ass if he liked me or not, and what did him liking me or not have to do with the fact that's he's treated me like crap, put no effort into anything and that now he's dumping my ass? I told him to save the niceties for someone else. I told him that i know how proud he is of the fact that he's remained friends with all his exes, but that I won't be an addition to that list. I told him that I don't consider him a friend, that i won't be going for coffee or drinks with him in the future and that basically, I want nothing more to do with him ever again. So count this 'ex' out as being a friend (I'm sure if he could have gotten me to agree to being friends, that would have eased his pea-sized conscience just a tad). He still wanted to talk but I told him there was no point at all. He said he was sorry, and the last thing I told him was, "no you're not, and I don't ever want to talk to you again."...then I hung up. I was so livid and hurt by this point that my brain wasn't thinking properly......I'm sure I could have come up with a more fitting final thought but hey, what can ya do? I'm sure he's sitting at home stressing and stewing over the fact that I have some pretty pricey belongings of his (clothes, work jacket, etc). We all know how attached he gets to his fekking possessions. I'm sure he's kicking himself that he didn't get a chance to get in there, about how he could go about getting them back. Tough sh*t, big guy. I think a donation to the Salvation Army might just be in order, don't you? I've never been one to keep someone's stuff after a breakup, but considering this guy has made it so clear that he values material things over the heart, he can kiss my ass. Yes, some of you will say, "why didn't you stick to your guns and not talk to him?"...well, why prolong the inevitable. He obviously wanted to tell me to hit the road, so avoiding him for days or weeks would do nothing...all he'd do is just assume I knew it was over and that would ease his conscience even more. So let's see, folks...because I was pissed at him for misleading me last night...and him being out at the bar instead of home in bed where he told me he'd be, that was just one MORE reason for him to end things. Can you believe that? And do I really believe he was at the bar then went home? Who knows. Who cares, I guess. God help me if I'm pregnant, that's all I can say. That would just be my freaking luck. (I'm thinkin' of ya, Raven) So there you have it. The fekker dumped me......but I'd have dumped him least this way I got to act like a bitch, like I didn't give a damn and I let him know what I thought of him as a human being. Likely none of it will phase him, but maybe some of it will. I just can't believe the balls of this guy. On Sunday he ends the conversation by telling me he likes me and he's not ready to throw in the towel....then over these past few days, we dont even see each other and nothing has happened to change his opinion of me/us, and because I'm pissed thathe was out at the bar instead of spending time with me, that's the thing that puts him over the edge? LOL OH and get this..he says he was just spending these past few days thinking about things...and trying to put behind him/us, our discussions over the weekend. wow, I didn't know that going to a f*cking bar/meat-market could be SOOO therapeutic for one's relationship. *cleansing breath* Ya know, he didn't sound TERRIBLY sure about wanting to end things.....perhaps he was hoping I'd suggest we just be friends and start over....or maybe he thought I'd say, "oh honey, I'll just give you your space....we'll take a break and just see how we feel a month or two from now"....I made it abundantly clear that someone doesnt' get the chance to sh*t on my twice....and that he'll never see me again and that's not a promise, that's a fact. Sorry for rambling. Just had to get this out. I'm hurt and angry and I'm disgusted that he's likely lying in bed feeling this overwhelming sense of freedom to go out now and bang the first chick he can charm. L
Locatis at 03.06.2021 at 10:18
My name is Asher. I like meaningful conversations with happy vibes and lots of smiles. I'm a very down to earth guy who is just finding his way in this world. I am honest, hardworking, passionate and.
Chelsie at 03.06.2021 at 12:41 lovely
Mazyar at 03.06.2021 at 16:17
Damn what a view and what a zoom!
Milzone at 04.06.2021 at 20:47
Obviously, they will get offended if guys talk about 'body'
Rootworm at 06.06.2021 at 21:45
Lefty's legs!
Rotund at 07.06.2021 at 17:35
she sees the world through rose-colored glasses
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